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2010 Midwest Regional Conference! August 30, 2010

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Saturday November 13, 2010 the Epilepsy Foundation of MN is having their Midwest Regional Conference. Attendees from the conference can choose from 3 different tracks to participate in: Parents, Teens and Young adults, or Adults and Seniors.

You can register by calling 651.287.2310 or 1.800.779.0777 ext 2310. or register online at

The schedule for the conference includes the following:

9am welcome

9:15am “Epilepsy and Sleep”

10am break

10:10am “Medications, brand vs generic”

11am Q&A panel

11:45am Breakout session 1

12:30pm lunch

1:30pm breakout session 2

2:15pm breakout session 3

3pm Q&A panel

3:30pm adjourn

The breakout sessions are specially designed for each of the breakout groups: Parents, Teens and young adults, and Adults and seniors.

The conference also includes a continental breakfast, lunch and educational materials. Registration is $25 per person but financial assistance is available to those who qualify!

You do not need to be diagnosed, or have a family member diagnosed, with Epilepsy in order to attend this event. It is also ideal for those that care for and work with people with seizures; such as caregivers, nurses, teachers, social workers, and health care professionals.

Any other questions check out their website!


Our first Stroll for Epilepsy! August 22, 2010

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Each summer the MN Epilepsy Foundation holds their annual Stroll for Epilepsy. This year I decided to get a team together to participate. I was really touched by how much people donated and how willing people were to participate with my team. We ended up raising a total of $340 which was a lot more than I was expecting! We also had a team of 5 people to walk together. Hopefully we can keep doing this each year & keep raising more money for epilepsy research 🙂


Livin the Dream… Bob Witthuhn 10/8/34-7/11/10 July 11, 2010

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Early this morning my grandpa passed away peacefully after a very tough battle with lung cancer.

The very first memory I have of my grandpa is me sitting on his knee while he sang “The wheels on the bus” and clapped my hands together with his.  That song has been forever engrained in my memory with visions of him.

My second memory is of him holding me in his arms and rocking me back and forth. I had been crying about something or another and he just kept softly saying “My baby, my princess”.

For those people that met my grandpa briefly, his comical, flirty, snarky side, they would say he resembled a movie star. The Marlboro man maybe, or james dean. Eternally wearing blue jeans and some sort of plaid shirt (or sometimes two mismatched plaid shirts together!).  He was a man that would get his hands dirty and get the job done.

For the rest of us tho, those of us that knew his every facial expression, the way he sat, and the way he laughed, we had a whole other man. My grandpa cherished family time. He loved when everyone was sitting around together just “shooting the breeze and livin the dream” as he called it. 🙂  He wouldn’t say too much but instead he would watch everyone. He would slowly nod his head and smile at the wonder that was His family! I’ve never known another man more proud of his kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews. He may not always like what we did, and he told us so! But he truly loved us unconditionally.

My grandpa sat in a chair in a way that must have been comfortable to him but didn’t quite look so to me! He always had one leg crossed over the other and that dangling foot was slowly, methodically, keeping time. Always moving. He was also never without a cup of coffee in hand. He may have only requested that you get him “an inch of coffee in the bottom of a cup” but he would savor that coffee until the last drop was gone!

My grandpa’s laugh is one of the things that I will miss the most about him. When he laughed he lit up the entire room. He didn’t always laugh often, but when he did, you knew he meant it. And it was such a treasure for him to laugh at something you had told him. When he laughed his entire upper body would dance and that deep husky chuckle is one sound that I will never forget!

My grandpa also loved to voice his opinions 🙂 It may not be the same opinion as anyone else in the entire house at the time, but he let you know! He referred to President Obama as Kabumbie and no matter how many times we would say in hushed voices “grandpa! Someone might hear!” He would simply shrug and look around as if to say “what? Nobody’s lookin at me”.

My grandpa was also an amazing hugger! He had long arms and very big hands, both of which would completely envelope your body as you were lost in the eternal maze of plaid pockets and metal shirt snaps. Even at 75 years old my grandpa was incredibly strong! When he hugged you all of the air would leave your body and you were left gasping for air but not wanting to end the hug either.

My grandpa had faith in me. His approval was something that on the surface came easily for me. He loved me exponentially, I was his princess. But beneath that, his approval was something that I have cherished with all my heart. It made him so proud to hear how many hours a week I had worked, or that I had made the dean’s list in college, or that I went to a movie with some friends instead of getting drunk.  And even tho he is now gone, his approval is something that I will never stop working for.

He was a wonderful, loving, hardworking family man that would have given any of us the shirt off of his own back if we needed it. I will miss him dearly. But I am so happy that he can live comfortably now.


Live your life September 21, 2009

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I hope that this blog post is helpful to even one person. I want to be honest and open about the way my epilepsy makes me feel and the reaction that I have to it. So here goes.

Most of the time I just feel like it is what it is.

God gave this to me and Jesus did so much to die for my sins. He saved my life! So who am I to complain about anything at all?

I do complain. I’m human. Everyone complains.

But I feel like I shouldn’t because this is what I’ve been given and it’s just the way it is.

A sort of zen existence of you will.

I don’t like having epilepsy but I’m coming to peace with it.

So that’s how I feel almost all the time.

But then when the seizures actually do happen I guess I feel sad. Not angry. Not resentful. Just sad.

Sad that I lose my drivers license yet again and sad that my parents don’t have a normal healthy daughter.

This usually lasts anywhere from a couple days to a week. Then I get into the new routine of trying to adapt however I will need to and it eventually falls into place.

You can’t live your life focusing on your obstacles, otherwise you won’t ever live your life.

So after I get my new medication dose and blood tests and neuro appointments, yet again, that’s usually when I start to feel like everything just is what it is again and I’m lucky just to be alive 🙂

I really hope that this was helpful to someone.

Peace and Blessings


EEW snakes! July 18, 2009

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I like to consider myself an open minded person. If I really take the time to think about it, I don’t hate anything or anyone… except snakes.

They seriously freak me out!

Well as luck would have it there is a large (and this is large in my opinion, I’m not sure if it actually is large or not) snake living under the steps outside my apartment building.

These are the only steps that I can use to get into my apartment!!

My dad says this type of snake is not poisonous; that it’s more afraid of me than I am of it (doubtful) and that if it bites me it’ll draw blood but it won’t hurt too much (oh goody!).

Sometimes I get stuck on the second to last step just waiting for the snake to go away so that I can finish going down the stairs! Other times I just jump down from a couple steps up hoping that I will make a big enough clearing that the snake won’t lunge out and bite me.

The first time that I ever saw the snake I was walking home and was on the phone. It was getting dark out so I didn’t even see it until I almost stepped on it and it hissed and started moving underneath me.

I screamed. Literally screamed!

My poor friend on the phone thought I was getting mugged or something so when I told her it was a snake she just started laughing at me!

I seriously have no idea what to do about this thing; I am starting to think it waits for me to get home from work. And the neighbors are probably starting to think I’m the crazy lady that likes to jump down the stairs.

Haha oh well, I guess it could be worse,

I guess it could be two snakes!


Wine and Welcome Cards July 12, 2009

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I recently moved to Des Moines, Iowa for my two year internship in Radiology. Up until now I’ve been going to school in Fargo. There’s a lot of differences that I’ve noticed between the two cities, neither of them better or worse.

Today I had one of the most bizzarre experiences of my life. Before I begin however, I would like to make the following disclaimer: Des Moines is a lovely city and all of the people that I have met thus far have been very welcoming 🙂

My faith is the most important thing in my life. Being raised Catholic, I wanted to be sure I found a Catholic church to go to in Des Moines. Earlier this week I located a cathedral in town and decided to try it out. So, bright and early this morning, I put on my Sunday best and headed off to worship. Little did I know my adventure had only began.

I arrived early at the cathedral, wanting to ensure a parking lot in the unfamiliar town. I waited until someone else went into the gorgeous vine-covered building so that I would know where to go. As I followed them in I realized that there were very few people in this enormous church!

I wandered down the hall and found myself awkwardly being gawked at by a red haired teenage boy of about fifteen years. I quickly ducked into the women’s room for a hair and makeup check. All good there, I continued on my way. I hurried past the gawker and was immediately approached by a woman in a white choir robe. She vigorously shook my hand and inquired who I was and where I was from.

Was it that obvious that I was new?

As I walked down the hall I saw rooms full of desks, sofas, and children’s toys. Finally I found the chapel. Home sweet home. I breathed in the familiar smell of insence and took a seat alone in on of the pews.

As time got closer to the beginning of mass, I realized that generally everyone was sitting in one area of the church… an area that I was not sitting in. Just one more way to point out that I was new in town.

That and the fact that I had not gotten the memo to wear pastels today.

At about two minutes to mass beginning a few moms came in with young children and sat down relatively near me. At least now I wasn’t sitting all alone in a sea of empty pews.

As the mass started I realized that there were only three other people there my age; a married couple and the deacon. This shouldn’t have taken me by surprise, but for some reason it did for a college town.

For those of you that haven’t been to a catholic mass, there is a point in the mass where the priest pauses and everyone shakes hands to wish each other peace. You shake hands with everyone around you and say ‘peace be with you’. Well, at this point in time during mass today, instead of everyone shaking hands there was a mad rush and everyone came towards me!


The congregation must have been only about 30 people, but was it really that obvious that I had never been there before?

I was all the sudden overcome by handshakes and pats on the back and questions about why I’m in Des Moines, where I’m from, what I do, what my name is, and how old I am. Someone even ran out into the commons area to grab a welcome card for me to fill out my contact information!

Eventually the priest had to calm everyone down and continue the mass. However, my embarassment was far from over.

This church performed communion in a way I had never seen before. They released groups of people one at a time to go up to the pulpit, to kneel in front of the priest and deacon and receive their communion. When my turn came I was so nervous I had no idea how I got from my seat up to the pulpit. Then, the only open place for me to kneel was right in front of the deacon (and might I say he was not unattractive).

When the priest brought the cup to my mouth I took a small sip and tried to bring the cup back down. However, he continued to tip the cup into my mouth. I ended up with a giant mouthful of incredibly strong communion wine… right in front of the deacon!

I’m pretty sure at this point my eyes were bulging out the front of my face. I couldn’t spit out the wine, but I couldn’t swallow it all at once. I swallowed it as quickly as I could, smiled politely at the deacon who at this point was looking at me strangely, and then I proceeded to hurry down the stairs and back to my seat.

The rest of the mass went on fairly normal until we were asked to pray for our loved ones that were sick or dying. Normally, you would think that this would be a time for quiet reflection and prayer. Apparently this rule does not extend past the midwest. All the sudden, in the middle of my quiet reflection, I was jolted out my seat by the loudest most abrupt soprano opera singing I had ever heard!

The clambor of me falling back to earth and into my pew disrupted at least three other people around me!

After my heart rate fell back to normal, I was able to focus on the rest of mass.

Once mass was over I was going to turn my welcome card into the basket in the back of the chapel.

Apparently that’s where I went wrong.

The second the priest bid us farewell, a lady in the pew in front of me grabbed my hand and continued to introduce me to people. She said “I’m just going to be your mother hen today! Do you need some water, or coffee, or a cookie? You look like you need a cookie, look how skinny you are!”

Haha, wow!

Meanwhile the gawky fifteen year old redhead continued to gawk with his huge blue eyes, while I retold my information everyone inquiring within earshot.

Finally, I was able to escape out to the parking lot, avoiding cookies, meetings, and possible adoptions.

I don’t mean for any of this to sound bad in any way, in fact it cracked me up!

All I can think of to say is: welcome to Des Moines, Bailey


Persevere February 22, 2009

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Hello there! I appologize for my lack of posts for the pasts couple of months.

I have been thinking a lot lately about perseverense, patience, and persistence in all areas of life (a lot of p’s, I know).

“Challenges are what makes life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine

The second part of Genesis 29 talks about Jacob being tricked into getting a wife other than the woman he loved. He worked for seven extra years, just to earn the woman he truly loved from her father.

Sometimes the best and most important things in life take a lot of time.

Living with Epilepsy can seem like a curse. There are many restrictions and embarrassments. But there are also many wonderful things to gain from it. Strength, courage, self control/preservation, and an ability to enjoy the little things in life that you maybe didn’t notice when you were able to zip around each day at 80 mph.

So many wonderful things can/will come from this shade of blue in our lives.  🙂